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Taekwon-Do for kids from 3 to 6 years old, is Taekwon-Do for your KID?

Taekwondo is hard physical exercise. But there is a program used for years that has help

kids as little as 3 years old to start developing skills and discipline called Taekwon-do Kids (TKD Kids).

This program was created to encourage parents to take their kids to do something fun and at the same time to help on their physical and mental development. Is no casualty that most Physiologist recommend for conduct modification and discipline, Taekwon-Do to their patients. As we know, children as young as three can get started in learning

some of the basic fundamentals of Taekwon-Do.

The average three-year-old has an attention span of just three minutes, which is why classes of Taekwon-Do Kids are organized into lightning quick sessions designed to teach young kids refined motor skills.

Taekwon-do Kids also has a positive impact on behavioral and character development, helping young children to understand how to take turns, be respectful to others, make new friends, and maintain good manners.

Once children reach the age five they can handle listening for longer periods of time and

they can begin to develop both the mind and the body with the aim of reaching their potential

through important martial arts skills like listening, focusing, cooperating, control, discipline,

memory and balance. Taekwon-do Kids program improves their physical fitness, behavioral and character development as they learn more about coordination, responsibility, listening, respect, and self-discipline.

Taekwon-do Kids is a program designed to combat childhood obesity and support the

physical, social and motor development between ages 3-6. Within the curriculum of this program we work with self-defense, with martial arts basics, specifically Taekwondo. All classes are presented in a fun and different way, all exercises helps the kids with balance, coordination, listening skills, discipline and respect. This program supports multiple and different ways on a child development.

Physical benefit; because it increases cardiovascular endurance, improve muscle strength,

increases flexibility, and strengthens the understanding of the body. It helps develop better and faster coordination capabilities, providing control of a high level of movements that will perform in the future.

TKD Kids contributes to a better image and good self-esteem of them. It promotes better

habits of study and homework. Empathize respect and education, making the child more

understanding. This program provide better control and positive attitudes. Tempers the character of children; those who are very aggressive become more calm and conscious, while the introverted and shy children give them greater confidence, initiative.

Through various exercises, it is instilled in the child companionship and teamwork, and

the importance of each individual within the group. All these benefits contribute to education

that both the school and parents develop and offer their children and in return we will have a

healthy child with a good physical body.

TKD Kids program is committed to help build tomorrow's leaders. Kids that are healthy, sociable, independent and physically strong are able to build a better world.

For classes. more information and details you can access or call 787-461-5385.

Gabriel Candelaria Ruiz IV Dan

Athletic Taekwondo Center, Hato Rey Puerto Rico

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